The BookieHaHa Collection

Well, dear friends, I have another fun blog post for you: The BookieHaHa Collection. It’s followed by a few questions.

  • (A scene in the library)
    GUY: Can I have a burger and fries?
    LIBRARIAN: Please, Sir. This is a library!
    GUY: (Whispering) Can I have a burger and fries?
  • Q: Why did the Romanian stop reading for the night?
    A: To give his Bucharest.
  • I’ve been reading a book on anti-gravity, and I just can’t put it down!
  • I’m reading so many books, I have to use the thin ones for bookmarks.
  • Q: What happened to the dinosaurs?
    A: They went extinct because they couldn’t read anything; especially the BEWARE OF DINOSAUR HUNTERS signs.
  • If you can’t put your book down, is it because you’re afraid the characters will do something while you’re away?

Here are the questions I mentioned.

Did you like any of the jokes? If so, which was your favorite?

Do you have any book or writing or reading jokes to share?

Have you experienced (or do you know) any funny/interesting situations related to this topic?

Thanks for reading this blog and for any comments you  offer.   [[o|o]]

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  • I like short jokes. The anti-gravity joke was my favorite. Famous Hollywood Director’s joke: A skeleton walks into a Bar and asks for a beer and a mop. Bada bing!


  • My favorite joke was the one about the burger and fries. I don’t have a good book joke, but here is a true story about a book I wrote about horses entitled, Loudly They Speak. In trying to get in touch with an editor I knew to help me with my book, I was told she had recently worked for Kirk Douglas on a book he wanted to write. So I wrote his publishers, asking them to forward a letter I had written to her. Never thinking that I would hear from anyone, I got a letter from Kirk himself telling me that he had forwarded my letter to her. Even more amazing, Kirk Douglas telephoned me a few weeks later to confirm again that he had sent it. It was quite a treat to receive a phone call from the famous movie actor. And even though my editor-friend couldn’t edit my manuscript because she was heavily committed in Israel, she did give me a lot of help regarding the publication of my book.
    I thought that was a very touching thing that Kirk did.


    • Hi, Joe,
      That incident with Kirk Douglas was some story. He must have been quite a guy to have taken all that time to help you contact that editor. I loved Douglas as an actor—saw many of his movies, including Spartacus, The Vikings, and Strangers When We Meet.
      Thanks for your comments.


  • Fake Frank II,
    I thought that one was pretty funny, too. I liked the skeleton joke, although I had to read it several times before I got it.

    Thanks a lot for dropping in,


  • Some books are extremely funny. My favorite funny book was Forrest Gump. The book was far better than the movie and it was really funny, and as a bonus there were at least two more episodes in Gumps life in the book.


  • Frank, I didn’t know the blog had been updated!

    I enjoyed these jokes, but especially the Romanian one. I like geographical puns. I still remember a joke from a book I read in grade school:

    Two guys went to a restaurant.

    The first said, “I’ll have Turkey without any Greece.”
    The second said, “I’ll just have baked Alaska.”
    They ate, and when the waiter brought them the bill, the first guy said, “Look and see how much Egypt you.” So the waiter threw them out.

    It’s not a very good joke, but it gave me an appreciation for geography and puns.

    I read a lot of joke books when I was young. I can’t remember any reading/writing jokes offhand, but I still remember “The Best Democrat/Republican Joke Book” from many years ago, and the two most memorable jokes it contained (here’s one for each party so there’s no discrimination).

    The most rabid Republican in town died. He weighed 375 pounds, and the funeral called his son–an avid Democrat–because they couldn’t find a coffin that would fit. The son-in-law said, “Just give him an enema, and you can bury what’s left in a cigar box.”

    A Democrat and a Republican went to the men’s restroom. They did what they needed to do and then went to the sink. The Democrat was soaping his hands while the Republican was combing his hair. The Democrat and sneered. “A good Democrat learns to wash his hands after he urinates.” “Nice,” said the other guy, “But a good Republican learns not to pee on his hands.”

    Joe DiBianca, I *loved* your Kirk Douglas story! And I’ve got your book on my “to be read” list since I love horses too.

    Mel Hughes


    • Hi, Mel. Check the date again–I am so busy writing I have been woefully negligent in keep my blog up. After I get it published, I hope to do much better.
      Thanks for your comments. I just let Joe know about them, but he doesn’t check his text messages very often. Must run in the family 🙂


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